Hiking out in Winter and spending the night? Now we’re getting serious. Our Winter Wild Camping Kit List will have you fully prepared for sleeping out in the wilds of the Lake District or Scotland. Check you have everything before heading out.

Winter wild camping kit list
Winter wild camping kit list

Winter Wild Camping Kit List

To some of you guys, walking in Winter will be a triumph in itself; and fair play. Walking in the snow can be hard enough from your house to the car but the challenges forced on you when you’re out in the mountains can be cruel.

Winter wild camp in the Priest Hole Cave
Ice axe and a view from the Priest’s Hole Cave

This blog and the kit list will make sure you have all the gear you’ll need for a Winter camp.

Get The Right Backpack

You’ll need more space in your bag for one thing, so, you MAY need a bigger bag! The top of my MLD Exodus bag rolls down so becomes the size of it’s contents. It’s 50L and that’s all I need to carry everything I need for Winter. My kit is now very compact and light, I’ve spent lots of time and money making it so. The average hiker will probably need 60-70L BUT whatever you do, don’t just go out and buy a bag for a Winter expedition without working up the rankings.

MLD Exodus Backpack
MLD Exodus Backpack on Fleetwith Pike

You really should spend lots of nights wild camping and getting comfortable with it. Work on the gear you need to survive Summer camping first – see my Wild Camping Kit List blog for gear tips. When you’ve mastered wild camping, head off in rain (more challenging than you might think) and work up to Winter wild camping.

If the phrase ‘Mine Field’ frequents your mind right now why not just book on one of my ‘Only The Brave’ or other wild camping events? I can teach you everything you need to know and take you out to experience it. On my two-day expedition you’ll have a real adventure and really learn how to survive in the mountains.

My Wild Camping Kit List

Additional Winter Wild Camping Kit List

So here’s what I take on top of my wild camping kit discussed in the previous Wild Camping Kit List article.

Using these items is another story! Doing a Winter skills course is very much advised, I know some good instructors so feel free to ask.

Extra weight, extra energy

This gear will add a couple of kilograms to your bag as well as a good bit more space. My bag on a Winter expedition weighs 8kg, yours will come to about 12kg!

Brewing up on the Coledale Horseshoe in Winter
Brewing up on the Coledale Horseshoe in Winter

Not only will you use an extra 10% of energy hiking in freezing temperatures BUT you will use more carrying the heavier kit. Bear this in mind when planning your route AND don’t underestimate the return journey.

Do you have any Winter wild camping stories you would like to share? If you have any questions about kit don’t hesitate to send me a message. Please drop me a comment and a like if you got anything from reading.

Take care out there.

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Haycock Summit Wild Camp in Winter
Haycock Summit Wild Camp in Winter