Wild Camping

My edition of the Oxford English Dictionary defines wild camping as sleeping under a basic shelter in a remote, untamed area. Back to basics.

Leaving ‘civilisation’ behind and hiking into the wilds of Scotland, Snowdonia or the Lake District into the evening, then pitching a tent, tarp or a simple bivi to sleep the night ‘away from it all’ is so freeing, stress relieving and eye-opening.

I love wild camping and as a Mountain Leader I can take you out for the evening or a couple of days on an expedition into the wild areas to experience living completely off grid, experiencing some quality time out from the stresses of life.

Think about why you’re here on this website. Maybe you’re here to learn some stuff, that’s fine. I have nearly 30 years experience wild camping and I’m happy to pass on my knowledge and share my experiences with you. I hope you benefit from reading my blogs, a comment might be nice. Go ahead, get stuck in…

If you’re here to find out what wild camping is all about then just have a read of a few articles in the above link, categorised ‘Wild Camping’.

Maybe you just know that wild camping is for you, maybe you’re not sure yet, squatting over a small hole in the ground is usually a barrier for someone to get over! BUT little things like this shouldn’t stop you getting all the good stuff there is to get when you take off into the unknown, untamed wilderness away from everything, self sufficient, free.

I can take you out for just the eventing for a Wild Camping Experience or a week on a real long expedition but if you get something from just reading what I’ve penned over the years I’m happy.

Happy adventures.