Discover the fascinating story of Vango tents and over 50 years of passion and excellence in the outdoors niche; a company who still has a lot to say in terms of innovation.

Vango Tents

A 50 Year History

Vango Banshee 200 Lake District
Vango Banshee 200 Lake District


For many outdoors enthusiasts out there, Vango is not only a brand. It is a synonym with a lifestyle and a lifelong passion for the world around us.

Vango is well-known for a wide range of products. The company’s offerings do not only focus on sleeping bags and tents. The firm is also a manufacturer of rucksacks, furniture, as well as many other outdoor essentials.

The History of Vango

The origins of this company date back to 1966. The brand came to life in the Western part of Scotland. To this day, Vango is still headquartered a little ways from the mesmerizing Highlands. This place has a glowing reputation for being one of the most amazing wonders in the country. Without a doubt, it welcomes thousands of tourists from every corner of the world.

The fact that the company was born so close to one of the world’s most incredible natural landmarks is not a coincidence. The area is, in fact, a hub for outdoor enthusiasts across the globe, and a perfect place for Vango to kickstart their legacy.

Before being known as “Vango,” the company was acquired by Alistair Moodie, initially being the endeavour of James McIlwraith, a tent manufacturer. Eventually, Mister Moodie renamed the company into the brand we know and love to this day.

The Moodie family held significant stakes in Vango until 2014 when they gave up majority control following a management buyout at the company’s corporate owners, the AMG Group.


From their heyday in the mid-1960s, down to the company’s edgy and innovative products of today, they still carry that same spirit of passion. Vango is a brand that resonates with people who seek adventure wherever they go. Some of Vango’s products throughout the decades have enjoyed positive reception for their pioneering twist.

Vango Banshee 200 Blue
Vango Banshee 200 Blue

Vango revolutionized the outdoors industry, and it is easy to see why Vango tents has enjoyed such widespread popularity. To this day, the brand still keeps breaking into new markets and develop new product categories. What makes Vango unique is that the company’s products are not only durable and road-worthy; they are also so easy to use. Because of such a smart approach to design, Vango’s offerings are appealing to seasoned outdoors veterans. They are also very well-suited to beginners who are starting to explore this beautiful world!

Govan Scotland

The company rooted in their local environment – so much so that even its name highlights the connection. Vango is an anagram of Govan, a town in the west of Scotland, which is precisely where the company’s first factory was based.

The Force 10 Tent

One of Vango’s most noteworthy products was the Force 10 tent. This was a truly revolutionary product for its time. It was the very first tent to use an integrated flysheet. In a world’s first, it also features a pole as a part of the tent. Because of the fantastic versatility of this design philosophy, Vango tents soon rose to become industry standards for enthusiasts and professionals alike. In fact, Force 10 tents had the chance to shine in 1972 and 1975, during two prominent expeditions on Mount Everest, one of the most challenging (yet iconic) mountain adventures.

Most notably, the newest design iteration of the company’s logo (as of 2019) celebrates the history of this product. The design features an icon representing the successful Force 10 tent, and its distinctive bright orange colour, which is now widely recognized.

The great quality of the brand’s products wasn’t the only factor that contributed to the company’s worldwide success. In fact, much of it was also due to Vango’s amazing ability to market their tents on a global scale. Many travellers, such as Alistair Scott, actually acted as brand ambassadors of sorts somewhere around the late 60s to the mid-70s, travelling throughout the world using Vango tents. The company also became the official manufacturer of recommended kit items for The Duke of Edinburgh’s Award. In addition to that, it produced items for the Scout Association, not to mention creating custom-made tents for ShelterBox, an international disaster relief charity.

Dominating the Camping Tent Market

To get a better idea of Vango’s success, it is worth noting that today their market share in the UK alone is 34%. In short, that’s a whole lot of people with Vango tents!

Vango’s designs have a reputation for excellence, innovation, and trustworthy build quality. In most cases, a Vango Tent or sleeping bag can be a lifetime companion, given the incredible quality of the products offered by the evergreen Scottish brand. It’s not easy for any brand to stay relevant for so many decades, let alone in an industry that is as fast-paced and competitive such as the outdoors niche. Nonetheless, Vango managed to thrive throughout the years, with a straightforward formula. Quality, Passion, Transparency. In other words, the brand has always kept its promises, and for this reason, they managed to grow a loyal following.


One of the smartest features of Vango designs is that they still heavily focus on the triangle shape. Even designs which do not necessarily look like the traditional triangle-shape tent, do employ some features that are commonly associated with triangles. Most people seem to think that tunnel-shaped tents are better for space. On the other hand, triangle tents are infinitely more durable and reliable, due to their sheer geometry. For this reason, Vango developed a construction technique that’s now known as TBS. The acronym stands for “Tension Band System,” and it is mostly all about construction triangle of strong cords inside of tents of different shapes. This is a win-win solution because it caters to people who seek other shapes while retaining the notorious stability of triangular tents.

The Vango Banshee 200 Tension Band System
The Vango Banshee 200 Tension Band System

The company still states that they endeavour to place the brand at the forefront of cutting-edge design and innovation in the outdoor and camping scenes. With this everlasting ambitious attitude, the company has the same enthusiasm that fueled the spark of their beginning by the shadows of the Highland – a magical place that still inspires the Vango team!

Fifty years on, and Vango tents are still going strong, celebrating the true spirit of outdoors lovers through the whole world.


Some outdoors brands set out to focus on novelty products, which sadly did not stand the test of time. However, what makes Vango stand out from the herd is that they strive for real innovation. The longevity of their products speaks for itself. Their’ less is more” approach to design is deceptively simple. The thing is – to make something simple for the end-user, you need a team to put a lot of thought into it! This is exactly what’s been happening with many of the most iconic products in the Vango range.

Throughout the decades, the brand continued to evolve. Vango partnered with some of the most notable outdoors events and other professionals throughout the world. 

AirBeam Technology

The innovative AirBeam technology, which is a registered trademark, allowed Vango to expand its product range further. In 2014, they pioneered their new line of vehicle Airawning, which consists of tent attachment and awnings designed for caravans and mobile homes in the specific.

The tents from this company are the stuff of legends, while the sleeping bag choices can accommodate a wide range of features for users with different needs. Everything created by the company has the user in mind, making for a simple, back-to-basics approach, which never seems to age. Recently, Vango also brought their game to a whole new level, pioneering new technologies such as AirBeam. This ingenious idea is now revolutionizing the way people approach campaigning. The magic happens through the use of inflatable tents, which are quick and easy to mount. Even people who do not have a lot of camping experience will find them very easy to operate.

Moreover, inflatable tents are also much easier to carry around, even if you’re short on space. These durable, flexible, and portable tents come in all sizes, even large formats such as family tents. What’s even more remarkable is the fact that these tents are durable and sturdy, even in spite of them being so lightweight. This is the perfect innovation for people looking for a reliable tent with a much smaller footprint on their camping loads. They say that some of the best camping trips are the ones that do not require a heavy load. When you do not need to bring so many things with you, the adventure can feel liberating. These tents are the perfect companions for those who love to travel light and enjoy more freedom while out camping. If you want to experience the outdoors on your terms, an inflatable tent might be the best thing for you.

Banshee 200

Another notable development from the company was the introduction of the Banshee 200 Tent. This remarkable product is becoming a worldwide favourite for the outdoor industry. It is one of the current best-selling items for Vango, and it is not surprising, giving the great value that it brings to the table.

Vango Banshee Pro 200 on Ingleborough wild camp
Vango Banshee Pro 200 on Ingleborough wild camp

What makes this tent truly special is the fact that it provides a flexible, direct, and forward-thinking option for hikers. It is available at a reasonably accessible price point. and it is quite easy to use (a trend that’s quite common with Vango products, as we mentioned earlier!)

Chances are, you probably won’t be able to spend some time at a campsite without at least spotting a Banshee 200! This model is a true home run for Vango, and it has earned its reputation as an affordable, yet durable and versatile one-person tent.

In conclusion

Vango is more than just a brand. It’s a legacy. For over 50 years now, their products managed to set the bar higher in terms of innovation for an entire industry. Many other brands have come and gone, trying to emulate Vango, or walk in the company’s footsteps. However, this company is still going strong because their sheer commitment to quality and great design is still unflinching to this day. What’s very special about Vango is the fact that the brand is now almost synonym with the outdoor industry. For many people buying a Vango tent is a no-brainer.

Whether it’s about caravan extensions, family tents, or single-person tents like the ever-popular Banshee 200, anything goes when it comes to channelling Vango’s decade-long experience.

Purchasing a Vango product means to invest in decades of experiences and skills from a historic brand.

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