People say the nicest things

Here are some of the nice things my customers have said about our time together over the last few years…

3D Lake District Map Framed
3D Lake District Map Framed


Dorrigo Lake District Framed Map

“Just to let you know all received, great service and chuffed to bits with it, sure my husband will be equally impressed when I give it to him for his birthday next week.

Daniel ascending Benyellary on our Scotland Expedition
Daniel ascending Benyellary on our Scotland Expedition


Only The Brave – Scotland Wild Camping Expedition

“One problem with getting older is that good long day walks take two days. But with normal camping kit, they become impossible.

This weekend introduced us to the solution: ultralight backpacking.

All with a bonus of good company, plenty of fun and challenging rough boggy ground. Came away with ideas, plans and dreams.”

Alex navigating the Southern Upland Way in Scotland


Only The Brave – Scotland Wild Camping Expedition

“This weekend was an absolute life saver!

I wasn’t in a great place mentally and went away on this retreat and had the best time, the organisation from John and Chris was amazing and even when things got tricky John quickly and effectively used his skills to ensure we were all safe when the weather warnings came in!

The place we stayed was incredible and just generally the best mental and physical break you could need!”

Charlie on our Scotland Expedition
Charlie on our Scotland Expedition


Only The Brave – Scotland Wild Camping Expedition

Move or die!

Arron at Buchan Waterfall in Scotland
Arron at Buchan Waterfall in Scotland


Criterion Quantum 450 Sleeping Bag

“It was my first wild camp with Chris up in Galloway in Scotland at the weekend, the temperatures were down close to 2 degrees where we were camping, it was my first trial using the Criterion 450 sleeping bag.

I must say I were very impressed, really comfortable and really warm, it were that warm I only needed to wear my boxer short when I were sleeping.

…so even tho the temperature was cold outside I were plenty warm inside.”

Jetboil Minimo DCF Stove Bag
Jetboil Minimo DCF Stove Bag


DCF Stove Bag

Fits my stove system perfectly! Thank you very much 🙂

Group at the Black Sail Hut
Black Sail Hut Retreat 2021


Black Sail Hut Retreat – Ennerdale 2021

To me, Chris is the ultimate mountain guru. What you don’t pay for is his personal knowledge of the mountains that he shares, this guy’s not just a mountain ticker and his love of the fells is infectious and inspiring!

I did routes with Chris that I wouldn’t have done myself and the event brought so many like-minded people together who in turn shared their stories of adventure inspiring the next person. You don’t get this sort of team talk in Asda.

The weekend was organised perfectly and the time was taken to get to know each individual’s strengths and weaknesses xx


Black Sail Hut Retreat – Ennerdale 2021

Just come back from a trip to the Black Sail YHA hut and can thoroughly recommend joining an event.

Lots of support was given to any members of the group who were maybe struggling with the hike. Everyone was made to feel included and involved.

Great weekend with a brilliant bunch of like-minded people.


Black Sail Hut Retreat – Ennerdale 2021

Top event with top people, great chance to empty your batteries then recharge them back up again on the same event. No stress, just bring yourself and your kit and the rest is taken care of to the finest detail. ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️


Black Sail Hut Retreat – Ennerdale 2021

I signed up for a couple of Ennerdale hikes around an overnight stay at the iconic Black Sail Hut – had always wanted to stay there, and it was indeed fab, great fun and so comfy!

But what was really special was that the trip was much, much more than that – a heartwarming and soul-restoring weekend with great company (all but Chris were strangers to me at the start, but good buddies by the end) in the most beautiful, natural and tranquil environment.

Loved every minute.


Black Sail Hut Retreat – Ennerdale 2021

Despite the mossie bites, sunburn and sore feet 🙂 The views are incredible and the remoteness of the Black Sail made me feel privileged to be there. I enjoyed meeting new people, challenging myself on the ridge walk, learning a bit of geology and Wainwright history on the Sunday walk, scrambling on Haystacks and having a dip in Ennerdale.

The tranquillity when taking in the landscape in the early hours of the morning was a wow moment for me.

Thanks, Chris and John for the experience.


Black Sail Hut Retreat – Ennerdale 2021

I genuinely had the most amazing time. Despite covid and being one of the weakest on the hard route, everyone looked after me so much. I didn’t get left behind and felt a huge sense of achievement in completing the route.

Everyone was genuinely really pleasant and I thought it was extremely well organised and planned for us all.

John spent some time with me on Sunday just talking as well and I really appreciated that it was just what I needed.

Really appreciated the coaching and patience as well to motivate me to get up the hill. I went into quite a dark mental space and he got me through it.

Thanks again and I look forward to coming again another time xx


Black Sail Hut Retreat – Ennerdale 2021

I absolutely loved the weekend, I got to learn so much and meet some fantastic people that I know will remain friends and do more events together.

It’s a community, not just a hiking trip, it’s hard work and tested me mentally after already hiking three days fully before. This was a hard route but brilliant!

Breakfast in Millican Dalton's Cave Hotel
Breakfast in Millican Dalton’s Cave Hotel


Wild Camp in Millican Dalton’s Cave Hotel

I had the best time on Chris’ wild camp in a cave!

I was a little worried and Chris put my mind at ease (a bit) whilst keeping the excitement of the unknown going. I learnt a lot and really enjoyed my time. Chris is very knowledgeable and friendly. The whole trip was awesome from start to finish. If you’re just thinking about it…do it.

I’ll be going on the next for sure ✌

Outside Millican Daltons cave
Outside Millican Dalton’s cave


Wild Camp in Millican Dalton’s Cave

I told my friends I was going up to the Lake District to camp overnight in a cave. ‘Camping?’ they said.
‘In a cave?’ they said.

Well, I knew I was excited to do it but I didn’t know how fab it would be. Chris is a fantastic leader to go with, relaxed, fun and thinks of every small detail to make the event the best it can be. I learnt a lot about what to do and what not to. I’d really recommend booking an event, you won’t regret it!! 5 ⭐️

Sleeping in Millican Dalton Cave Hotel
Sleeping in Millican Dalton’s Cave Hotel


Wild Camp in Millican Dalton’s Cave

Think you’ve been wild camping before? I’d definitely recommend going with Chris- he taught me so much & we had a really fun experience in a cave in the lakes, learning so many new skills and about survival/ equipment & wild camping in general. Great guy, very knowledgeable 10/10 -fantastic!!!


What a fabulous day! Just been on a navigation day course…thoughts: Absolutely Bloody Brilliant!

​Chris is incredibly knowledgable, not only about all the finer details to spot on navigation but his surroundings, weather and equipment! It’s been a great day and would highly recommend Chris for this navigation course and all the others he runs! I’ll definitely book myself on more!

Thanks, Chris for a fab day! 👍🏼


Had a great day out in the Lake District fells learning some navigation skills. Chris teaches in a way that is professional and knowledgeable but also fun. I started the day thinking I’d never want to see a compass again and ended ordering myself a new one to get out practising my new skills!

My friend had never even opened a map before today and managed to keep up and learn just as much- thanks to Chris & Paul’s patience. Would definitely recommend it to anyone looking to learn from scratch or improve their skills. 🏔⛰👍🏻

Mountain Leader Academy Scotland Expedition 2018
Mountain Leader Academy


Assisted on a Navigation Workshop – Lake District – December 2018

I have just returned from a days navigation course shadowing Chris furthering my experience as an ml trainee.

When you are not the instructor or attendee it gives you the opportunity to observe listen and learn. Whilst Chris was very thorough he had a very relaxed approach about him his class were never afraid to ask further questions or make a contribution when appropriate. I could see them growing in confidence as the day went on and it was great to see how much the class had developed both personally and as a group when the day concluded.

Chris is very passionate about his business and giving his clients exactly what they require. For myself I gained so much from today and as I often say it’s the little things you learn from others, that they may not be even aware of. I have now asked Chris to mentor me to help gain my Mountain Leader award.


Night Navigation Workshop – Lake District – August 2018

I joined Chris for his Night Navigation course and not only did I see the two shooting stars racing each other across the sky, the milky way and gorgeous moon suddenly lighting the path as it popped out from behind a cloud, but I also got the chance to REALLY get stuck into some good navigation practice in low visibility.

​Chris knows his stuff and is clearly passionate about the subject, the mountains and the outdoors – he is a great teacher to learn from. I was able to learn new techniques, the pros and cons of each and experience how very different navigation is when you really can’t see very far (and that doesn’t just have to be at night). Being able to try things out, being allowed to make mistakes then learn from them really helps things sink in and I came away feeling much more confident in what I can do with a map and compass.

I couldn’t recommend this course more. So thanks Chris!

Cat Bells - My last Wainwright
Cat Bells – My last Wainwright


Group Walk – Lake District – May 2018

Took us up Cat Bells and safely down again on a hot day!


Beginners Night Photography Workshop – Lake District – March 2018

Thought the class was great. You managed to explain everything really well so even I understood it!

​You were very patient and you obviously knew your stuff. I have a much better understanding or how to use the manual settings, time, ISO and aperture now. Plus I know about light painting now – never heard of that before.

​Learned loads and enjoyed it.


What a great day on the Navigation & Map Reading Workshop with Chris & John. Both possess a vast knowledge on the subject and explained the key skills very well to the group.

I took so much away from the day and will feel much more confident the next time I head off into t he mountains.

​Can highly recommend.


Had a great day Chris. Certainly feel more confident with my map reading skills. Great instruction and good crew on the course. Weather was kind thankfully.

Certainly recommended.


Thank you for such a fantastic day. I learned so much as a result of spending time out with yourself and John and it was good to meet other people.

​My map reading and navigation skills have certainly developed as a result of the day from which I can continue to practice (I now have a proper compass and understand the benefits of a 1:25k map!).

​I would certainly recommend your workshop.


Great day with a great group. Chris is very patient and a fab leader.


Brilliant day out on the navigation course with Chris!!

Great meeting the rest of the group too!!


What a fantastic day on the Navigation Course with Chris.

This guy really knows what he’s talking about and has a wealth of experience in the great outdoors. A fun, and exhilarating day up on Great Crag and stopped at regular intervals to get our bearings and for explanations (in some detail) on how and why you do things to ensure you know exactly where you are when you up on the fells. The weather couldn’t have been better and the company was brilliant.

Five stars all the way for this thoroughly enjoyable navigation experience.

Wild camping on Blencathra
Wild camping on Blencathra


Wild Camping Workshop – Peak District – November 2017

I had a great time at the weekend. I really enjoyed it and you were really thorough and thoughtful about the whole process, taking everything into consideration which gave me great confidence in you from the start.

You offered great tips, advice from the start and throughout. Even down to helping me pitch my tent.

I would definitely cone camping with you again and hopefully next time have time to come for a walk the morning we wake to. All in all a thoroughly nice guy and a great bunch of people camping out Saturday night.


Just a quick note to say thanks for the map reading course on Saturday it was a great day and very interesting. You made the day very enjoyable.


Thanks to Chris for a really enjoyable day. The way he passed on his experience is both fun and also very educational. I learned navigation skills that I will be able to use on the hills.

I recommend the workshops to anyone from a beginner to those who wish to improve their skills.

Many thanks.


Mountain Skills Weekend – Peak District – November 2017

Chris is a great instructor, friendly & inclusive. The navigation workshop was very informative, the wild camp was great and he advised & helped us as necessary. Kinder ramble was a great day’s walk with 2 good guys.


Beginners Night Photography Workshop – Borrowdale – October 2017

After chatting with Chris on Facebook about his amazing night photographs, I made the wise decision to join him on Walking The Wild’s night photography session.

Having a good grasp of photography basics including aperture, iso and shutter speed, I was able to build on this, applying my existing knowledge to the new I gained from Chris.

Would highly recommend.


Thank you, enjoyed it, learnt some new skills look forward to seeing you soon.


Had a great day with my son navigating the fells, map reading and learning how to use a compass correctly…thanks to Chris for his leadership.


I am in a small walking group in the Lake District with mixed abilities. I recently joined Chris for his Navigation & map reading workshop as I had no real map reading skills and felt I was merely muddling along. On the day, the forecast was poor with Storm Brian threatening, however, we were assured that the workshop would still go ahead regardless. I liked this as the weather can turn treacherous on any given day in the mountains.

When we arrived at the start Chris introduced himself and shook everyone’s hand. He then discussed exactly which route we would take for the workshop. From the very start, I felt in good hands and trusted his judgement. Throughout the day he taught us how to use our compass and how to interpret our maps and use them together to get bearings. The weather continued to deteriorate, however, he continued confidently and put everyone at ease.

Everyone had a turn to do something whether taking pace or taking a bearing. He spoke us through every step of the route using the map and identifying our exact location.

To round up I feel that Chris’s educational session was exactly what I was looking for and they were professional but friendly throughout.

I now feel I can be more confident in my solo hikes & in future will be able to lead a walk in my group. Most of all I feel confident that I can be safe without relying on the modern phone apps available. I highly recommend this for anyone who loves the outdoors.

Thank you Chris for a fantastic informative and educational day!


Superb navigation course with these two! Highly recommend!


Totally brilliant experience and the weather was wet and windy


I attended the navigation course on Rivington. I’m now more knowledgeable on how to read a compass now and enjoyed the course.

I would really recommend to anyone who whats to learn how to read a map and Compass, just to home your skills


Guided walk – Loweswater Fells – September 2017

Great walk, well organised, at a pace that suited everyone, friendly and fun with some sunshine thrown in for good measure. Looking forward to the next one.


I attended the navigational skills day held at Rivington and thoroughly enjoyed it. The event was informative and put across on a very easy to understand way, with Chris being patient. There were elements of the day which were harder to grasp and Chris would find a way to explain in which I could understand.

The day wasn’t about Chris telling us about map reading skills, more Chris making us think and work out what was needed. It covered a lot in a short time but focused on the most important aspects of navigation and keeping yourself safe.

Navigation in the Peak District
Navigation in the Peak District


Can’t thank Chris enough for his Navigation Workshop. Great for all abilities & equips you with the skills to be safe without relying on other people or technology. Chris was patient and excellent in his explanations and I learned far more than I’d ever anticipated. I feel a lot safer venturing out as a result.

​Ten out of ten for Chris’ preparation.

After explaining the features and what to look out for on each leg, Chris would guide us to identifying potential pitfalls and how to re-gauge our whereabouts, relying on observation as well as the map. Bearing practice and distance benchmarking were brilliant -definitely helps, and also gives a vital safety net for poor visibility.

​A very experienced and knowledgeable chap with a big passion for passing on his vast knowledge. Definitely recommend!


Myself and my wife, Michelle, have recently decided to walk the “Wainwrights” and thought it would be a good idea to have at least some basic knowledge to ensure that we were at least holding the map the right way round.

From the first meeting with Chris I felt assured that we were in safe hand as he looked the part. Prior to setting off for the day on the moor, Chris introduced himself and informed us about his experience of hiking and map reading. He also went over what he wanted to cover in the day.

There were some more experienced hikers amongst us and Chris was able to pitch it to all present. Chris had set up a practical exercise for us to do on taking bearings and kept you on your toes by asking you questions about your location in relation to the map and about identifying objects on the map relevant to your location.

Overall, my wife and I had an excellent day and we learnt a great deal from Chris about navigation.