Survive the night under a basic shelter. Come for a tarp wild camp with me in the beautiful Lake District for a camp by a quiet tarn.

Tarp Wild Camp

I’ll take you out hiking to a place where you’ll pitch a basic shelter and camp for the night. We’ll purify water from a stream or tarn using a Sawyer water filter and cook an evening meal, have a nice wander around the hillside and sleep the night. After what I’ll teach you about keeping warm through the night you should get a good night’s sleep.

We’ll follow the wild camping code and be conscious of our affect on the environment. Google ‘Cat hole’ and I’ll show you how to use one.

Breakfast will be simple but nutritious and after chilling out for a while talking about kit and where you go from here we’ll stroll on back.

Event Details

Group Size: Maximum 4

Date: You choose the date – 2020

Time: 16:00

Location: Lake District

Price £125

Includes meals


OookTribe & Mountain Leader Academy members go free – just drop me a message as usual.

Private Expeditions

Have me all to yourself one to one or as a private group. Why not book in some extra activities?

Wild Camping Great Mell Trailstar Vango 200
Wild Camping Great Mell Trailstar Vango 200

Night Photography

The night will be a great opportunity to see the stars, a nearby town or the countryside. I can even show you how to take some awesome photographs in the dark with an DSLR or a GoPro. I’ll bring all of the necessary equipment along and go through all you’ll need to get started.

Navigation and map reading in the Lake District
Navigation and map reading in the Lake District

Navigation & Map Reading

The day before or the morning after would be a great time to learn some navigation. Why not add in a day when you book your ticket and you can spend either day learning how to navigate your way to camp and around the mountains.