Just finished today for a lovely couple of folk who have been waiting patiently for a long time. In fact they’ve just collected it in person. Always nice to meet customers.

2Oookan Duomid Nest – Zipped up

Anyway. It’s a two-person nest for the MLD Duomid which was originally going to be just a one-off custom job, but I really like it and have decided to add it to the core range.

It’s the same length as the standard Duomid OookNest, but it’s 112cm wide, which is big enough to take two full size mats and still have a small 35cm deep porch for wet gear.

The idea is that when used as a solo shelter the pole will be inside the nest (there’s a hole in the top and a reinforcing patch on the floor), and when used for two it will be pitched using an A-frame arrangement. Two could fit in with the pole inside, but for longer trips it would be a bit of a pain, I reckon.

2Oookan Duomid Nest – Side
2Oookan Duomid Nest – Floor

This particular one weighs just 440g thanks to the Chikara floor, which is actually lighter than the solo version with a 70d PU floor. Pack size is still tiny – it fits in the solo stuffsack with ease.
The customers have a cuben duomid, so they now have a good sized two person, double walled shelter weighing under a kilo.

So there you go. A huge solo inner which may be of interest to taller folk, and 2Oookan can also fit inside it. Boom-tish. I’ll get my coat.

With all nests, this will be available soon – subscribe (in the footer) to be the first to know when!

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